Where to Go this Month? Travel Planner shows Weather conditions on the Map for any Month

Where to go in January
Asian resorts are the most attractive in January. Clear sky and bright tropical sun waiting for you in Sri Lanka, Maldives and India. Thailand and Philippines are exceptionally nice in this month - you will be pleased with great scenery of tropical islands, surrounded by snow-white coral sand and clear ocean. Visit Kamboja, Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam during Dry Season in January when the air is not so hot and a chance of rain is minimal.

Tropical paradise of Caribbean and Bahamas islands offers great opportunities for diving, surfing, sightseeing and carefree beach relaxation. Vast beaches of Brazil with its paradise nature will impress you in January (don't forget - Rio de Janeiro means January River and in this month it's a river of pleasure).

Where to go in January? If you are tired of beach lying and want something extraordinary, visit Africa. Climbing Kilimanjaro mount, seeing wild animals in Kenya safari parks, seeing famous Diamond and Gold mines in South Africa, eternal Pyramids and Valley of the Kings in Egypt - what can be more exciting?

Italy, France, Austria and Germany are ideal places for those who like active winter rest. Peak season for all European Ski resorts begins in January.
Where to go in February
Thailand is one of the most popular destinations in February. Elephant riding, visiting crocodile farms, enjoing safari in numerous natural parks... add famous Thai massage and perfect weather in this month, and you'll get a small image of that paradise. February is the best month to visit beaches resorts in Vietnam, India and Sri Lanka, discover antient historical places in Kamboja and Myanmar.

Maldives always been an ideal place for relaxation due to its unique geography and a way of living - each island is surrounded by stunning coral beaches and blue waters of Indian ocean that exceptionally calm in February.

Caribbean islands are very popular in February, and can offer a lot of interesting destinations. Everyone can find something romantic for itself in this month, such as special offers for couples on Valentine's Day or yacht cruises around the archipelago.

Weather in Egypt and Emirates is very comfortable in this month, with moderate day temperatures of 22-25 °C. Swimming is not so relaxing though - water is not so warm.

February is the month of European carnivals. The most famous are Verona and Venice in Italy, Nice in France and Valletta in Malta.